Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Secret To Happiness

"The secret to happiness is to continually fall in love. With people, with ideas, with places, with things, with experiences, with moments, with traditions."

Right now I'm in love with the rain that is angrily falling outside; with the sound of the song that is calmingly playing on the radio; with the idea that I might see him again tomorrow; with the thought of consciously planning my future without rushing to it. I'm in love with the happiness of continually falling in love; with the feeling of holding my life in my own hands; with the smell of the delicious food being cooked right now. I'm in love with the brazilian way of being; I'm in love with Rio, Vitória, Carmo da Mata. I'm in love with traveling, meeting, finding, revisiting. I'm in love with Sunday's lunch traditions. But mostly, I'm still in love with him.

... although it´s never going to work.