Monday, July 27, 2009

"Gente infeliz detesta saber que felicidade existe.

Não gaste sua energia tentando provar o contrário."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm in love with the ideals of HaiKai.
... And Leminski is the best for going into depth in the studies of HaiKai.

"o haicai valoriza o fragmentário e o 'insignificante', o aparentemente banal e o casual, sempre tentando extrair o máximo do significado do mínimo de material, em ultra-segundos de hiper-informação. De imediato, podemos ver em tudo isso os paralelos profundos com a estética fotográfica. Esses traços característicos do haicai podem ser transpostos sem nenhuma dificuldade para a fotografia".


dream car

Took these last year on a street near my house. I think the owners were having some kind of convention...

I've been seeing lots of these Volkswagen Beetles for sale here in Belo Horizonte. I want one :]

Christmas/ Birthday gift, anyone?


Yesterday I bought my plane ticket to Vitoria - Espirito Santo.
I'm moving once again... Hopefully for good this time.
Don't know how much more packing/boxes/moving I can take...

I do look forward to living by my family, by the beach, and goingback to what I someday truly called "home".

The picture is of a house on the street I used to live in Newark. I used to say it was the cutest house on the street every time I walked by.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Because people seem a lot happier on pictures.
Because the thought of who I COULD be takes away from who I am now.
Because life seems a lot easier and bearable when described by others.
Because words that come out of my mouth describe thoughts and feelings I was not aware I was able of having.
Because I feel a lot older thant the two digit number called age.
Because no matter how much I change, it will not change.
Because in memory land things are better than in actual life.
Because being quiet does not mean you are innocent.
Because you are older, it doesn't mean you have a lot to teach.
Because the things you would teach me would not interest me one bit.
Because in the end you have made me scared of freedom.
Because out of all the things I want, freedom seems the most unatainable.
Because I always want to find admirable people....
Maybe so that I don't feel the pressure of being admirable myself.
Because all I want is someone who doesn't lie, who wouldn't force me to lie so that they like me.
Someone who I don't have to constantly prove how smart I am or feel sad for how dumb and accomodated they are.
Because no matter how much I tell myself that it could've been better, nothing that proceeded you was better than us.
Because everything seems dirty and dangerous and unloving and self-diminishing.
Because as much as I want to forget the past, I fear what lies ahead.
Because I don't really know what the question is, or if should really know.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Awesome video. It makes me miss NYC SOOO much!