Monday, March 9, 2009

global pillow fight!

[Taken in Paris (France) - 13Oct07] by Philippe Leroyer

On Saturday April 4th 2009, there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world!
Use this site to locate the nearest one.

This idea was organized by The Urban Playground Movement and here's what they had to say:

All over the world, groups like them organize free, fun, all ages, non-commercial public events. From a massive Mobile Clubbing event in a London train station to a giant pillow fight near the Eiffel Tower in Paris to a subway party beneath the streets of Toronto, it is clear that the urban playground is growing around the world, leaving more public and more social cities in its wake. This is the urban playground movement, a playful part of the larger public space movement.
One of our goals is to make these unique happenings in public space become a significant part of popular culture, partially replacing passive, non-social, branded consumption experiences like watching television, and consciously rejecting the blight on our cities caused by the endless creep of advertising into public space. The result, we hope, will be a global community of participants, not consumers, in a world where people are constantly organizing and attending these happenings in every major city in the world.
This project, Pillow Fight Day 2008, is a collaboration of many people who comprise a loose, decentralized network of urban playground event organizers all over the world.

Personally I think this is awesome and I hope people here in Brazil keep chosing to participate in fun events such as these. I'll be there! :]

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