Wednesday, April 15, 2009

  • I've been looking for an apartment;
  • I've been meeting new people;
  • I've come to enjoy teaching;
  • I've built new/better expectations of the future;
  • I've decided what to do with my life (college/education wise);
  • I've started studying for the vestibular;
  • I'm reading an awesome book (so far), called "Crônica da Casa Assassinada" by Lúcio Cardoso;
  • I went to Ouro Preto for the first time and fell completely in love. I want to move there.
  • I'm looking for a better job -- I need money.
  • I've been admiring the smart people I've been meeting lately.
  • I've been caring less about a lot of things.

... just trying to catch myself up with what's been going on.