Friday, October 24, 2008

me minus two wisdom teeth.

It has often crossed my mind who had the brilliant idea of naming the third and final set of molars WISDOM teeth. Maybe they do come around when you finally choose to become a little wiser. What is not so wise is the procedure to extract them. ARGH...
My appointment was schedulled for 3:00 pm, but as I walked into the office I knew that I was about to have a very long afternoon. There were about four or five people ahead of me and only one orthodontist. At 5:30 pm I was finally called, and directed to a room.
Let's just mention the fact that I was very well determined to get all four wisdom teeth removed on the same day. My mind changed as I was getting them removed. As they they worked on removing the second tooth, I asked them to stop as soon as they were done with that one. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I was filming a scene for the upcoming SAW VI (hajsfdhksgl).
Anyways, I survived. My face is very, very swollen and I look like
'Quico', from the series El Chavo del Ocho, hahaha. Yeah, maybe it's not that funny.
Well at least I get to be lazy (more than the usual), I get to eat tons of ice cream and yogurt, I get to lose some weight while I'm at it, read all my favorite blogs, and watch tons of movies... I am SO excited (feel the irony).


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