Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Even their fear frightens them"

Maybe, as the New York Times' article states, the American Dream means: "keeping children happy, stimulated and successful, no matter the cost." Furthermore, living in suburbs, having pets, and most of all: keeping the truth from your kids so that they can live a happy life.

At times like these I come to thank 'God' that I am an immigrant and aware of the reality. Coming from a third world country where the economy has almost always (if not always) been at crisis, and also where my single mother had no choice but to tell her kids the truth. It wasn't any easier for us to understand back then, but it just makes it easier for us now, being used to it.

This simply answers my question. We CAN live with less and be happy. It doesn't mean living in poverty, but it does mean realizing that having what you NEED and sharing it does bring people together. Maybe this all explains why South Americans are considered 'warmer' (showing lively feelings, passions, emotions, sympathies,strongly attached; intimate people).

While parents may think that finances are a deal for adults, why not consider that this might help their kids have a better and clearer vision of the world. Meanwhile, this could perfectly explain the fact that their teenagers' wants are insatiable. Has nobody else asked why is it that kids in America are so materialistic? Why do they live a life through intermediaries (cellphones, computers, TVs, radios...). How can teenagers be offered such a wide range of information, all the same time, while still being such alienated beings?

Watch this video if you're interested.

Cheers, to the generation that is finally waking up!

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