Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diário da Gabriela.

My name is Gabriela/ I am 19 years-old/ I live in New Jersey, United States/ I am currently a bum/ I started my first semester of college and soon quit because I am once again moving/ My major is, as soon as I can continue studying, journalism/ I write poetry, I make collages, I take and edit photos/ What I like most about Newark is its proximity to the city (NYC)/ The farthest away I have been is Hawaii, literally (it is the island furthest away from any land, in case you did not know)/ Here in Newark I walk everywhere, I take the bus a lot, I search for valuable friendships/ I do not drive yet but I am in love with mini-coopers and old Volkswagens/I like being organized, I like having plans, I like patterns (not so much routine)/ I love sweets and at times I feel like I only eat regular meals so I can get to the desserts/ I worry about my health, even though I should do more to improve it/ I am a vegetarian, I do not smoke, I take vitamins, I drink socially, but I barely exercise/ I do not watch TV, I spend way too much time on the Internet, although I am barely 'online'/ On weekends I spent most of my days catching up on sleep, watching movies and spending time with my mom and sister. Oh and I stay out until 4 am or later, sometimes doing absolutely nothing/ I feel the need to have some alone time and I almost always get it/ My favorite places are Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Greenwich Village in the city, Little Five Points in Atlanta, and my room (wherever it may be).

(collages I made on my bedroom's wall)

* I based this 'auto-biography' on this article.

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