Wednesday, November 12, 2008

yet another 'inconvenient truth'

As stated in the letter written by the organization Action Against Hunger to Al Gore:
Worldwide, some 19 million children under the age of five are afflicted with severe acute
malnutrition. This most serious, life-threatening form of hunger kills a child every four seconds,
resulting in more than 5 million childhood deaths each year.
Yet these deaths are entirely preventable.

Basically, you can make a difference right now (without paying just yet) by simply signing a petition which asks for Al Gore's help in the making of a film which will inform the world about the possible ways to eradicate child malnutrition.

If you have not done so, please check out the film An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore has done a great job on spreading the word about what our terrible behavior and habits have done to the earth. Not to mention that he does so in an entirely convincing manner, that causes us to understand that THERE IS something we can do about it. Although An Inconvenient Truth has caused an inconvenient controversy, I am sure most of you would agree that informing the nation about what can be done could not possibly cause any harm. It's been said that "Gore was using a biased presentation to exploit the fears of the public for his own political gain"*, but am I the only one that feels like this is just another excuse to keep us from being blamed? Isn't it time to take responsibility for our own actions? Well, it's up to you to decide.

Signing the petition is really fast and easy. Plus you get to see how many people have already signed it:

(the number was actually 9.305)

Oh, and I had fun looking for my name in midst of all the 9.305 other names.

Other people will be able to read what you wrote, and it was awesome to see what others had to say about this issue.

and this is what I wrote in case you are curious:

If you want something done about world hunger but, like me, do not know what to ask Al Gore, just write what comes to mind. Even if it sucks, it's the intention that counts! On the other hand, if you don't think this is a good idea (do not tell me so! hahaha... jk), don't simply sit there and talk about how this will not make the tinniest difference, instead find something that DOES! Please?

*Richard S. Lindzen There Is No 'Consensus' On Global Warming Wall Street Journal, accessed 2007-01-10

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